The Best Pinterest Marketing Course (That’s Affordable!)

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When Anaiah and I first started blogging, we were aware that Pinterest was one of the best channels to help increase website traffic. We did in-depth research and found that Pinterest is the right platform for us to express the content we share on our blog creatively and grow our audience.

However, we struggled to learn how to use Pinterest for marketing to increase our website traffic properly. All the articles that we’ve come across were incomplete and outdated. What worked for Pinterest 5 years ago, are no longer the same best practices.

We purchased multiple courses and e-books (some cost $400.. I still can’t believe we purchased them!), and most of them were honestly the same content regurgitated over and over. And most of their “secrets” are free and can be found all over the Internet! Many courses offer a “private facebook community” for students who purchase the course but the creators don’t actively participate in discussions and I just did not find them helpful at all.

After spending all that money, we were still struggling to make Pinterest work and wanted to find someone with an updated course who put more energy into their students and the community they created. And that’s when we stumbled upon the Pinteresting Strategies course.

Pinteresting Strategies is an online course for bloggers and anyone who wants to learn how to use Pinterest for marketing. There, you’ll learn how to increase Pinterest traffic by pinning the right way. Say goodbye to over-pinning and getting flagged as a spammy account. This course teaches you how to use Pinterest smarter and to your advantage.

In this article, I’ll share my honest review on the Pinteresting Strategies course for marketing and why I prefer it over all the other courses we’ve taken.

Why Pinterest Marketing?

First of all, let’s explain what Pinterest Marketing actually is. As you probably know, Pinterest is one of the largest social networks where you can share visual content.

There, users post images and videos by creating different boards. You can also discover other users’ content and support them by liking and sharing their posts.

Like any social network out there, Pinterest can also be used for marketing. It’s actually one of the best platforms to increase website traffic (besides good ole’ Google, of course). By using Pinterest for marketing, you can easily increase your brand awareness and grow your audience.

But, in order to use Pinterest for marketing effectively, you need a strategy to help you stay in line with Pinterest best practices and learn how to use the algorithm to your advantage. This is why I recommend you to check the Pinteresting Strategies course out and discover the most important things about Pinterest.

What Is Pinteresting Strategies?

Pinterest Strategies is an online course created by Carly Campbell. She created the course after experimenting with different Pinterest techniques and finally getting the desired results she wanted. She first started by teaching her friends and it grew to a thriving online business.

Carly Campbell is very popular in the blogging world. She runs the well-known blog ‘Mommy on Purpose’, along with another niche site, and the popular Facebook groups ‘Blogging like You Mean it’ and ‘Pinterest Mastermind’. Thanks to her techniques, this mom blogger managed to drive over 300,000 monthly page views to her blog through Pinterest and get approved to high-paying ad networks in months.

Many bloggers use third-party scheduling tools, like Tailwind, in order to boost their traffic and get the most out of Pinterest Marketing. However, Carly teaches a method that allows you to increase traffic on your website without paying additional costs for a scheduler. Whether you decide to use one or not (we still do, we just use it smarter and don’t mass schedule pins to every board), you will benefit a lot from this course.

In Pinteresting Strategies, Carly explains that there is no ‘Pinterest Secret’. Instead, once you understand how the Pinterest Algorithm works, there are plenty of techniques you can use to see huge growth on your blog. And that’s what makes the Pinteresting Strategies course different from the others. Carly teaches you how to use and have a better understanding of the platform instead of relying on scheduler tools. She helps you to save your time and money by pinning effectively on your own.

Who Is Pinteresting Strategies For?

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this Pinteresting Strategies review, the course is for both beginners and experienced bloggers who want to learn how to use Pinterest for Marketing the right way and without having to invest in additional tools.

I would recommend taking the Pinteresting Strategies course even if you are not familiar with Pinterest. If you don’t have a general knowledge of how Pinterest works, get the course and Carly will walk you through it and help you to create and optimize your Pinterest account.

If you’re an experienced blogger and already using Pinterest without any luck, this course can help you figure out a new strategy. Maybe you’re over-pinning.. or maybe your boards are not optimized to be seen in the search results. Carly can help you figure out what it is that you are doing wrong that way you can implement a new plan that works.

Carly recommends the course to bloggers who have at least some content on their blog before starting to apply the techniques she shares. Pinterest requires time and consistency so it will help to have content to share on the platform. If you need help on starting a blog, check our in-depth guide on how to start a successful blog and make money from it.

What Can You Learn In The Pinteresting Strategies Course?

The Pinteresting Strategies course covers a lot of information, structured in understandable lessons. The course is built with text, images, and videos. Carly includes detailed explanations during the entire course to help you understand the key points and includes many graphs of her own accounts.

The course starts with a beginner chapter where Carly explains how to set up your Pinterest profile and boards. Then, she shares some of the most profitable blogging niches that can lead you to more website traffic. Pinteresting Strategies is a summary of all techniques Carly used to get 300,000 page views on a monthly basis, just from Pinterest.

Each lesson is connected so it’s important to follow the course and don’t skip anything. At the end of each section, there is a summary of the key points to strengthen the shared techniques.

Here are the main modules that are part of the Pinteresting Strategies course:

• Getting started on the platform.
• How the Pinterest algorithm works.
• SEO for Pinterest.
• How to create pins that get clicks.
• Carly’s strategy for increasing website traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest changes often and things that may have worked years ago are no longer working now. That is why it’s important that if you are going to invest in a course, that you purchase one that stays up with the algorithm changes. Carly updates her course regularly and takes part in her Facebook communities so you are never left in the dark. You’ll also get access to any of Carly’s updates without additional costs. In addition, you’ll get many extra lessons and training, including:

• 15 Pin Templates – 10 for Canva and 5 for PicMonkey.
• What to do if your account is blocked.
• What kind of photos perform best on Pinterest.
• Opinion about video pins.
• Pinterest Analytics.
• Do followers still matter.

Pinteresting Strategies Pricing

At the moment, the price of the Pinteresting Strategies course is $97. I think the price is reasonable and worth the investment. I have purchased courses that cost $200-400 and to be honest, they often contain information you can get elsewhere and for what you pay for, they don’t give back to their students enough. I wish this was the first course I ever bought. I would have saved so much time and money.

Many of these courses will also recommend that you purchase a scheduler tool to use, which leads to additional costs. If you’re a new blogger, I’m sure you’re seeing how everything is adding up from your web host to your theme, to your premium plugins, and all. I am not against Tailwind, as I still have that scheduler. I just use it differently and don’t mass push out pins throughout the day on autopilot which a lot of the other courses recommend.

Pinteresting Strategies is the most useful Pinterest course I’ve found on the Internet and I think you won’t find a better deal. Considering the techniques and information you get, plus the help and responses from Carly in her Facebook groups, Pinteresting Strategies is definitely an affordable and jam-packed course that provides a whole lot of value.

My Experience With Pinteresting Strategies

And here is the actual Pinteresting Strategies review – my personal opinion and experience with it. If you’ve read the previous sections, you’ll know that I really enjoyed the course. After finishing the course, I had a much better understanding of how Pinterest works and saw improvement after implementing her strategies. Carly even helped me and responded to my question in her group and gave me tips on how to improve my pins.

One of the things I liked the most when I purchased the Pinteresting Strategies course was its price. For just $97, you’ll get tips and strategies you won’t find anywhere else. Carly adds many updates and also includes free pin templates to help you get started with click-worthy pins. Even after the course, you will continue to benefit from it because of everything you will learn in her Facebook groups. She even offers an affordable pin subscription service where she creates and sends out new pins every month.

When I started the course, I immediately liked how Carly is. She really loves teaching others about Pinterest and covers every single detail of the platform. If you’ve taken other Pinterest courses then you know how fast they talk about a subject and how lightly they brush over the topics. With Pinteresting Strategies, you’ll get tons of information about what you’ll pay for. Carly does a lot of research on the Pinterest algorithm and experiments with her own accounts, something which is very helpful when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

In addition, I liked how Carly gives examples of her pins that performed well and pins that didn’t. She’s always trying things out and encourages others to do the same. There is no one solution. What works for one blogger may not work for another. She keeps it very real with everyone and teaches you how to make Pinterest work for you. Her examples will help you find out what could be great for your specific blog.

To sum up, here are the main benefits of Pinteresting Strategies that made me like this course:

• Affordable price.
• Suitable for beginners and experienced bloggers.
• Regular updates to keep up with Pinterest changes.
• Free pin templates and bonus lessons.
• Better understand the Pinterest algorithm.
• Learn how to increase website traffic without additional tools.
• Carly never stops learning and teaching about Pinterest and she shares her knowledge with all of us.

In Conclusion

Without doubts, Pinteresting Strategies is one of the best online courses I’ve taken to increase traffic on my blog. After finishing the course and implementing the strategies, I saw significant growth on my site.

So, if you want to use Pinterest for marketing but don’t know how to do it, Pinteresting Strategies is the right choice for you. Remember to take your time and carefully go through each lesson without skipping anything. In the end, you can be a Pinterest expert just like Carly is!

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