Best Online Courses For Bloggers Who Want To Learn How To Make Money

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Regardless of whether you’re a new or an experienced blogger, there will always be something new that you can learn or improve on. From starting a blog to producing high-quality content, promoting it, growing your audience, making money, and keeping up with all the algorithm changes – bloggers will always have A LOT on their plate.

One of the best ways to learn new things about blogging and different ways to monetize your blog is through taking online courses. Many popular and quality online courses can be found all over the Internet, for literally any niche you can imagine.

However, finding the best online courses for bloggers can be a major challenge. Nowadays, you’ll find hundreds of different blogging courses available online. Some of them are comprehensive and helpful, while others are a waste of time and money.

In this article, you’ll find all of the most popular and informative online courses for bloggers. They are recommended by many of the biggest blogs out there who became big from implementing everything they learned. Keep in mind though, results will vary and be dependent on your niche, along with your hard work, and consistency.

What Are Online Courses?

Before we begin, I just want to make things clear. If you’re wondering what an online course actually is, here’s the simplest explanation.. an online course is simply a course that you take ONLINE. It is often a pre-made course that you purchase and learn on your own, at your own time.

Just like regular courses that are taken in person, online courses include a series of lectures or lessons about a particular subject. They allow you to create and share content in an organized way through online platforms making it easily accessible for everyone. Online courses can include text, photos, videos, presentations, links, and more.

Best Online Courses For Bloggers

When it comes to bloggers, there are plenty of online courses they can take in order to grow their blogs. The online courses I’ve included in this article are created by successful bloggers who have managed to grow their sites into full-time businesses and have taught thousands of their students to do the same. With their help, you can take the necessary steps to creating a career that you love.. and possibly even make your own six-figures from it!

Anaiah and I have spent hundreds of hours searching for the highest quality online courses for bloggers and now I’m going to share our top picks with you. We have taken each course personally, along with MANY others not listed here, and these are the absolute best bang for your buck.

Take a good look at this list and find the best ones for you and where you are at with your business. No matter what course you decide to jump into, you’ll find all the important details to help you make your purchase here. So, let’s get started!

Pinteresting Strategies (Best Pinterest Marketing Course!)

Pinteresting Strategies is an online course that teaches you how to use Pinterest in the blogging world to drive traffic and sales to your website. More traffic to your website means more readers you can convert into buyers and also an increase in revenue from your ad networks!

This awesome and affordable course is made by Carly Campbell, a well-known blogger with A LOT of Pinterest experience. She has grown her blog to 300k page views and got approved to a high paying ad network using Pinterest. Carly has helped thousands of others to drive traffic to their blogs and do the same! She runs the popular blog “Mommy on Purpose” and the Facebook groups “Blogging Like You Mean It” and “Pinterest Mastermind”. Carly is the absolute most helpful person out of any of the courses we’ve ever taken.

In Pinteresting Strategies, Carly teaches you how to use Pinterest for marketing your online business without needing to pay for additional tools or schedulers, like many other courses recommend. She understands that when starting a blog, all of the investments really starts to pile up! So with her course, there is nothing else you need to buy. She teaches you how the Pinterest Algorithm works and what techniques you can use to grow your blog manually.

These are the main parts of Pinteresting Strategies:

• Getting started on Pinterest.
• How the Pinterest algorithm works.
• Pinterest SEO.
• How to create pins that get clicks.
• Carly’s strategy for increasing website traffic from Pinterest.
• Frequently asked questions.

On top of that, you’ll receive many extra lessons, Pin design templates, Pinterest + Google Analytics help, and different tips and tricks from Carly. Plus, Carly does regular updates on the course, so you’ll always be up to date with every change that has been made on Pinterest. Once you get the course, join her Facebook groups for even more helpful information and a community of other amazing bloggers!

Stupid Simple SEO (Best SEO Strategy Course!)

Stupid Simple SEO is an online course, created by Mike Pearson, who helps bloggers scale their traffic with search engine optimization and make money blogging. Mike is another popular name in the blogging world and his courses are recommended by thousands of trusted bloggers. He has started many niche sites which have grown into successful businesses and has cashed out on large commissions upon selling each of them. He truly knows his stuff!

The Stupid Simple SEO course is for anyone who wants to improve their SEO skills and increase their website traffic. It’s a huge online course that includes more than 50 textual lessons, over 12 video lessons, and access to Mike’s private Facebook group. His course provides you with all of the steps you need to master Google SEO and rank your site so that you can get more traffic and higher revenue.

Stupid Simple SEO is divided into 4 main modules:

Build – To help you set your site up for success by making sure it is fully optimized for search engines.
Design – Learn how to optimize old blog posts as well as gather and use the proper data to rank future blog posts.
Create – A comprehensive overview on how to create your content and beat your competition.
Promote – Teaches you ways to promote your blog, the importance of backlinks, and how to get it.

With this, Mike will teach you everything you need in all areas from optimizing the speed and mobile-friendliness of your blog to internal linking, keyword research, content creation, guest posting, backlinks, and technical SEO. You will be shown what tools to use to help you in your keyword research and learn how to rank on Google. He also will provide you with useful spreadsheets to help keep track of all your data, from your keyword research to your top competitors, to the growth of your blog, and more.

This course is packed with information and it honestly was a little overwhelming to learn at first. But if you take your time to really digest all of the lessons and don’t jump ahead, you will set yourself up for success and make money with your blog. You can’t go wrong with this course!

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing (Best Affiliate Marketing Course!)

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing is a popular online course that teaches you how to create your own affiliate marketing strategy and make money from it. The course is made by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who runs an award-winning finance blog called “Making Sense of Cents”. Her blog has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, along with many other big names in the industry.

This online course includes step-by-step lessons with all the ins and outs to help you implement your affiliate marketing strategy. It’s divided into 6 modules, more than 30 lessons, course workbook, EXTRA lessons and bonuses, access to the private Facebook Mastermind group, and more.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing is a great course for anyone, no matter if you’re a new or more experienced blogger. The lessons included in this online course can be applied to any blogging niche.

Feel free to check the Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing course if you:

• Want to make money with affiliate marketing.
• Want to learn the proven methods to convert readers.
• Want to learn how to write affiliate reviews people will read.
• Want to learn how to use social media to your advantage.

Michelle will teach you everything you need to know from how to find the best affiliate programs, to how to follow the requirements and place your disclosures, to how to get your readers to convert into buyers, and she gives you all the best strategies on how to promote your affiliate links and start making money with your blog. I highly recommend this course! No one else goes into as much detail on this topic as she does.

In Conclusion

And there you have it – the best online courses for bloggers. All of these 3 online courses are awesome and beneficial for any type of blogger out there. We made sure to pick the best online courses for you, in order to help you get real results and the highest income possible.

I would also like to mention that we have tried these courses ourselves and they have proven to be very successful for our blogging business. So, feel free to go through all of them and click on the respective links to learn more about a particular course. I hope you’ll find the best online course for your blogging journey!

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