The Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

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One of the biggest reasons why WordPress became the most popular blog creation platform is the wide selection of plugins it offers. There are over 55,000 WordPress plugins that you can download and use on your blog. Plugins can help you organize your blog, improve your traffic, secure the site and ensure that everything runs seamlessly. There is a plugin for just about everything! But what exactly are WordPress plugins, which ones do you really need, and how are you even supposed to install them?

I’m here to tell you all the answers! In this article, you’ll find the best WordPress plugins on the market, and I’ll let you know how these plugins can help you optimize your blog and take it to the next level. We will also go over how to install WordPress plugins and how to delete them if it turns out to not be right for you.

So let’s get started!

What Are WordPress Plugins?

If you’re here looking for WordPress plugins, you probably already know what they are and own a WordPress site of your own. But, let’s first explain what WordPress plugins are for those who are not familiar with it.

WordPress Plugins are software components that add specific features to an existing WordPress-powered website or blog. They help you extend your blog’s functionality and make it more user-friendly.

As I’ve mentioned above, there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available to download and use. From improving SEO traffic to creating an online store, offering email opt-ins, increasing site speed, or adding contact forms, there are WordPress plugins for everything.

However, just because WordPress offers so many different plugins, it does not mean that your site will require all of them. Plus, anyone can make a plugin and add it to WordPress. For that reason, you have to install only the most secure and high-quality plugins that you really need to avoid slowing down your blog or opening it up to viruses.

If you’re not sure which plugins are reliable and useful to install on your blog, I recommend you to check the below-mentioned list of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers.

How To Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are like apps for your WordPress blog, so their installation process is pretty straightforward and easy. So, how are we to install WordPress plugins?

Head over to your WordPress Dashboard and find the ‘Plugins’ section in the left menu. When you click on that, you’ll be taken to the plugins page where you can click on the ‘Add New’ button and search for any plugins you’re looking for. You can search for WordPress plugins by using specific filters (Featured, Popular, Recommended, Favorites), or enter a keyword or a plugin name.

When you find the plugin you want to install, you can click on ‘More Details’ and learn more about its features. Once you’ve decided to install that plugin, click on the ‘Install Now’ button.

When the plugin is installed, the button will change to ‘Activate’. Click that button and activate your plugin. And that’s it, you have successfully installed a WordPress plugin.

Depending on the plugin you’ve installed, you might be taken to a new page where you’ll be required to enter some additional information. Some plugins also provide a welcome video and a how-to-use guide. Make sure to go over everything to ensure that you are getting the most out of your plugin.

If you change your mind about any plugin, just head to the ‘Plugins’ section and select the boxes of those that you want to deactivate or completely delete from your blog. Then push the ‘Delete’ button, and that’s it!

My List Of The Best WordPress Plugins

Now that you know what WordPress plugins are and how to install them, you’re ready to discover the best WordPress plugins on the market! Having the right WordPress plugins can help you grow your blog and earn more money from it, so carefully examine this list and see if something could be of value to you.

I have included several plugins that I have used for my WordPress sites. Some of them may be similar and that’s because I wanted to give you a few different options. All of these plugins are tried and true and I have used them all at some point. I switched to different plugins depending on what stage I was in my business. I will make sure to tell you which plugins I am currently using.

All of these plugins have a free version but please note that most of my plugins are the paid or Pro versions, so I have also made sure to include information on that. However, the free versions of these plugins will be just fine for new bloggers. Then, as your site and online business grows, I recommend purchasing Pro for more advanced features and protection.

With that said, let’s check out this list!


I’m sure you’re familiar with Google Analytics and its amazing features, right? Well, MonsterInsights is a super convenient and useful Google Analytics plugin that brings all of those amazing features to WordPress. It’s the most popular analytics plugin with over 3+ million active installations. It shows you all the important stats right in your WordPress dashboard.

The MonsterInsights plugin has a Pro version that comes with all the Google Analytics tracking features you need. These include affiliate link tracking, popular posts tracking, e-commerce tracking, events tracking, clicks and scroll tracking, SEO, and more. With all that information, MonsterInsights can help grow your blog by helping you make more data and user-driven decisions. I use Pro and love it!

MonsterInsights Important Features:

• Real-time analytics.
• E-Commerce reports.
• SEO Ranking reports.
• User Behavior reports.
• Google Analytics Dashboard.

WPForms Pro

WPForms is the world’s best drag & drop plugin for building different forms on your WordPress site. It allows you to create top-notch contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, registration forms, feedback forms, newsletter forms, and much more, by using over 100 pre-designed templates. All forms are highly optimized for desktop and mobile use to provide you with a high-quality user experience.

The WPForms plugin is available in free and paid versions. The free version only comes with a few basic features and a couple forms to choose from. When it comes to WPForms Pro, it comes with all the features you need to create an unlimited amount of high quality forms, including email subscription forms, multi-page contact forms, file uploads, and much more. If you’re a business that requires the use of multiple higher-quality forms on your site, then Pro is definitely the way to go.

WPForms Important Features:

• Create various forms without writing any code.
• Use pre-built form templates to save time.
• Create high-performance forms with smart conditional logic.
• View all your leads in one place.
• Easily collect payments and online orders.
• Easily embed forms in blog posts, widgets, footer, sidebar, etc.


OptinMonster is the ultimate WordPress plugin for building popups and getting more leads and email subscribers. According to OptinMonster, 70% of users who leave your site are most likely never going to come back. With the OptinMonster plugin, you can easily turn visitors into subscribers and customers by using pre-built templates that show special offers to targeted audiences.

The OptinMonster plugin allows you to design high-quality popup forms, email subscription forms, announcements, and many other types of popups in minutes to help build engagement and keep your readers. It is easily customizable and popups can be timed perfectly with their trigger based software that detects when a user is exiting the site. It can be integrated with just about any major email marketing service that you have and help double, triple, or even quadruple your clickthrough rates. I highly recommend this plugin for anyone who wants to increase their site’s revenue and traffic!

OptinMonster Important Features:

• Drag & Drop Builder with pre-made templates.
• Different Campaign Types for maximum engagement.
• Smart Triggers to display the right campaign to the right visitor.
• Precision Targeting to generate more leads and make more sales.
• Advanced Reporting to improve your strategy.


wpDiscuz is a popular and free WordPress plugin for comments. It has quickly established itself among the best WordPress commenting plugins with thousands of downloads and a 4.8 out of 5 rating. wpDiscuz is a fast and secure plugin that provides a high-quality user interface and different methods for sorting comments. You can use different commenting layouts on different pages and set up post ratings, social shares, stickers, and more. It provides much more customization than what you would get with the standard WordPress comment box and it is what I use for all my blogs.

wpDiscuz Important Features:

• Multi Layout System.
• Real-Time Comments & Live Notifications.
• Post Rating.
• Social Commenting.
• Comment Statistics.
• Rich Editor with Media.

Simple Author Box Pro

As its title suggests, the Simple Author Box plugin adds a responsive author box at the end of your blog posts. It allows you to display the author’s name, image, and bio so readers can know who is writing the posts. Used by over 50,000 active users, Simple Author Box has a free and a paid version that allows you to assign guest authors, add multiple authors, and similar features to credit everyone involved easily.

Simple Author Box Pro Important Features:

• Displays author’s name, gravatar, description, and more under the posts.
• It’s fully customizable to match the theme of your blog.
• Allows you to add guest authors and assign posts to multiple authors without creating them an actual account.
• 24/7 Support.
• Top authors widget, which shows the most popular authors based on comments.

Grow Social by Mediavine

Grow Social by Mediavine is a WordPress plugin that provides buttons for social sharing. It’s one of the highest-rated social sharing plugins available. You can place the buttons at the top or at the bottom of the posts or have them follow the readers as they scroll through your blog. You can also add social sharing buttons within the blog post itself. This allows your content to be easily shared and your reach to go even further.

The plugin has a free (Grow Social) and a paid (Grow Social Pro) version. The free version gives you social sharing buttons for some of the most popular platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On the other hand, the paid version unlocks social sharing buttons for over 10 social networks.

I use the Pro version because it comes with much more advanced features such as the ability to set custom images for the mentioned social platforms, as well as set custom titles and descriptions. For example, you can add pinnable Pinterest images in your blog and add descriptions and titles for each one. This allows Pinterest users to pin your content to the platform easily and allows you to have full control of what is shared and how it looks when shared.

Grow Social Pro by Mediavine Important Features:

• Before and After Content Social Share Buttons.
• Floating Sidebar Social Share Buttons.
• Pop-Up Social Share Buttons.
• Custom Button Colors.
• Link Shortening through Bitly.
• Widgets for Top Social Media Shared Posts.
• Google analytics UTM tracking.

Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM

Another great plugin for social sharing is the Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM which has over 100,000 active installations and is free. Many of their themes already come with this plugin already built-in. This Social Icons Widget allows you to add icons with links to your profiles from the most popular social networks.

Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM Important Features:

• Supports over 400 Social Networks.
• Custom Icons.
• FontAwesome Integration.
• Color Picker.
• Sortable by Drag & Drop.
• Different Background Styles.

ThirstyAffiliates Pro

If you’re looking for a tool to help you organize and manage your affiliate links, the ThirstyAffiliates plugin is the best choice. It offers a little more than the Pretty Links plugin and the pricing for Pro is a little cheaper. It’s actually the plugin that I use for my blogs. It’s a simple plugin designed for bloggers who make money with affiliate marketing.

ThirstyAffiliates allows you to cloak long affiliate links, easily and automatically add them into your blog posts through keywords, organize them into categories, and most importantly, protect your commissions from theft. The plugin enables you to keep all your affiliate links in one place and keep track of their performance. I highly recommend you check out the Pro version of this plugin!

ThirstyAffiliates Important Features:

• Link cloaking (link redirection).
• You can provide keywords and automatically connect them with affiliate links.
• You can easily import and export affiliate links via CSV.
• Keep all affiliate links in one place.
• Keep track of your links through comprehensive reports.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an advanced WordPress plugin that helps you build amazing-looking pages and whole websites. The plugin is used by millions of sites and is suitable for both beginners and professional bloggers. With Beaver Builder, creating WordPress pages is an easy and simple process. It comes with beautiful and professional looking templates that you can use on your site with just a few clicks! The Beaver Builder plugin is built in with our current theme and it has been super easy to use.

Beaver Builder Important Features:

• Drag-and-drop support that allows you to arrange text and images on your pages easily.
• Full front-end editing in real time.
• There’s no need for coding knowledge.
• There are more than 50 templates for landing pages and different content pages.
• There are more than 30 content elements for pages.
• It works with various themes and plugins.


Elementor is another popular WordPress page builder like Beaver Builder. It delivers top-notch web page designs and advanced features. According to the company that made the plugin, more than 5 million professionals use Elementor to build their pages and sites. It’s an all-in-one solution that helps you build sites that load faster and allows you to control every aspect from one place.

The Elementor plugin comes in a free and paid (Pro) version to help you get the most out of your site. Elementor Pro lets you design pages even better by providing you with more professional widgets and tools. We have used the Elementor Pro plugin with some of our other themes to further customize and add professional templates with a click of a button.

Elementor Important Features:

• More than 300 templates made by designers.
• More than 90 widgets to create any forms.
• Drag & Drop Editor.
• Responsive Live Editing & Theme Builder.
• Professional Design Features (Background Overlays, Hover Effects, Headline Effects, Animations, etc.)

WordFence Security

As its title suggests, the WordFence Security plugin is used to protect your WordPress site. WordFence is the most comprehensive security solution available on WordPress. It includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner to ensure that your blog is secure and protected from third parties. In addition, the Threat Defense Feed provides you with the latest firewall rules and malware signatures. If your blog is your business, protecting it from hackers should be a priority. There are seriously hackers who prey on newbie sites because they’re the easiest to get into! I highly recommend that you at least get the free version to protect your site.

WordFence Security Important Features:

• Web Application Firewall that blocks malicious traffic.
• Security Scanner that checks the site for malware, spam, bad URLs, and more.
• Threat Defense Feed that keeps the site safe.
• Leaked Password Protection.
• Two Factor Authentication.

WP Cerber Security

Another top-notch security WordPress plugin is WP Cerber Security. It vigorously defends your WordPress blog against malware, spam, and hacker attacks. What’s more, the plugin tracks all users to stop spammers on time. Plus, it uses Google reCAPTCHA to protect registrations on your site. WP Cerber Security will also block IP addresses and any failed login attempts. Seriously, if you’re not yet protecting your site.. do it now! If you’re a brand new site, the free version will do just fine but when your business grows and you have a lot more income coming in, you are more likely to be targeted by hackers. All businesses should be paying for top-level security.

I switched from the free version of WordFence Security to the premium version of WP Cerber Security. I believe that BOTH are great options. I chose this one because it was slightly more affordable for the amount of my sites that needed protection. So go through each one and find the best for you and your business.

WP Cerber Security Important Features:

• Mitigates code injection attacks.
• Detects bots and spammers.
• Protects registrations, lost passwords and login forms.
• Automatically removes viruses and malware.
• Scans your site on an hourly and daily basis.

Yoast SEO

If you need help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your site higher in search engines, the Yoast SEO plugin is the right choice. It’s the number one WordPress SEO plugin, used by millions of bloggers worldwide. Since its development in 2008, Yoast SEO remained popular thanks to its advanced features. It helps you optimize your content to rank higher in search engines and provides you with automated technical improvements.

The Yoast SEO plugin comes in a free and paid (Pro) version. Yoast SEO Free has the basic things you need to optimize your blog. It allows you to enter in a focus keyphrase and will let you know if it is optimized enough for Google. It also provides you with a readability analysis to improve your content and a headline analyzer tool.

The Pro version has even more advanced tools to help your blog stay on top of search engine results. With Yoast SEO Pro, you can use more than one keyphrase and it will give you an analysis of each. It also helps you to find related keyphrases to add and rank for. If you’re not ready to pay for Pro, I still recommend you to get the free version, especially if you are new to SEO! Any help you get where SEO can improve your site, take it!

Yoast SEO Important Features:

• Automated technical improvements like meta tags and canonical tags.
• Advanced XML sitemaps.
• Suggestions for optimizing the content, including its title and meta description.
• Full control over site breadcrumbs.
• SEO analysis that includes readability and focus keywords.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps improve your blog site’s speed, SEO rankings, and conversions. WP Rocket improves the loading time of your blog and you will experience benefits right upon activating it. The plugin doesn’t require you to have any coding knowledge in order to use it. All you do is install it and within minutes, your site gets optimized. I made the switch from W3 Total Cache to WP Rocket because you literally get more than 3 plugins in one and it was so much easier and user-friendly. The Pro version was also much more affordable for me than W3 Total Cache.

WP Rocket Important Features:

• Immediate page caching upon activation.
• ‘Lazy loading’ features for images and videos.
• Compressing pages on the server and decompressing them in the browser.
• Automatic preloading the cache every time someone makes changes on the pages.
• Compatible with most popular WordPress themes and plugins.

UpdraftPlus Backup

To avoid losing the content on your blog in case you get hacked or accidentally ruin your site pretending to be a developer (been there, done that!), you should install a backup plugin. One of the most popular WordPress backup plugins is the UpdraftPlus Backup. With over 3 million active installs, you can backup your files and databases directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, and more.

I use and recommend their paid version, UpdraftPremium. It comes with more advanced reporting features, restores backups from other plugins, has multi-site support, and can download individual files from your backup. But if you are just starting out, UpDraftPlus will do just fine.

UpdraftPlus Backup Important Features:

• Performs manual or scheduled backups of all your files, databases and plugins.
• Restores backups directly from your WordPress dashboard.
• Clones your site and moves it to a new domain or web hosting.
• Provides expert help and support from developers.

The Broken Link Checker plugin does regular scans and tests of your internal and external links to ensure all of them are good. It helps you fix bad links in order to improve the optimization of your blog on search engines and also improves user experience. When installed, the plugin will go through all your links to scan them. Depending on the size of your site, this may take a few minutes up to a few hours.

• Scans internal & external links in your posts, pages, comments, and more.
• Manages broken links in posts.
• Prevents search engines from following broken links.
• Detects redirects and missing images.

If you want to have a reliable blog that complies with requirements under the GDPR law and CCPA regulations, you need to install a cookie plugin. The Cookie Notice plugin provides a customizable banner to help you comply with the data protection regulations. With Cookie Notice, you can inform your readers that you use cookies to ensure the best experience on the blog and link to a ‘Do Not Sell’ information page. This is definitely the best cookie plugin to get with a 4.9 rating and over one million active installations.

• Customizable notice messages.
• Multiple options for cookie expiry.
• Link to Privacy Policy page.
• Consent on click, scroll or close.
• SEO-friendly.


ConvertKit is one of the most popular platforms for email marketing. It’s a simple and user-friendly tool that helps bloggers find their audience and turn them into fans and customers. ConvertKit also has a WordPress plugin so you can gain more leads and sell more products even easier. The plugin allows you to place your ConvertKit forms with ease and helps you append a lead capture form automatically to any page. To use the plugin, you will need to have a ConvertKit account which you can sign up for free here. It is only free for up to 1000 subscribers, then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

ConvertKit Plugin Important Features:

• Ability to create multiple email sign up forms & landing pages.
• Ability to automatically embed email forms at the bottom of every post or page.
• Ability to add different forms for individual posts or pages.

Creative Mail by Constant Contact

Creative Mail is an email marketing plugin, designed especially for WordPress and WooCommerce. It’s developed by Constant Contact, one of the most popular email marketing platforms worldwide. If you haven’t heard of them, you can check them out here and even get a free 60-day trial using their email service.

The Creative Mail plugin uses an advanced editor that simplifies the process of creating campaigns. In addition, it pulls all your WordPress posts and images into your email content. With Creative Mail, you can create various emails, newsletters, postcards, announcements, event promotions, and more, right from your WordPress Dashboard.

Creative Mail Important Features:

• Automatically gathers new contacts from your signup forms.
• Pulls blog posts as content suggestions for campaigns.
• Provides you with access to a photo library.
• Targets clicks, subscribers and unsubscribes with visual analytics.
• Targets campaigns to expand the audience.

In Conclusion

And there you have it, the best WordPress plugins for bloggers. We went over what WordPress plugins are, how to install them, and my list of top picks for bloggers. These are the plugins you should consider installing on your blog.

Depending on your blog niche, you may not need to use all of the above-mentioned plugins. For that reason, make sure to carefully go through this list and find what you need for you.

I hope you’ve found some helpful plugins that you can use to build a beautiful and high-quality WordPress site!

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