How To Make Money Blogging

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If you thought blogging was just a hobby, you’re wrong. When done correctly, blogging can be a lucrative online business.

Of course, as with any other business, blogging to make money is a long-term process. It requires a lot of work and time to see growth and revenue. But, once you learn how it works, you’ll realize that blogging can be a great way to make passive income!

So, want to learn how to make money blogging? The key is to build your audience and find the right ways of monetizing your blog.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the important aspects of how blogging makes money. From increasing your blog traffic to finding the best ways of monetization, this article will give you a concrete plan to grow your blog into a profitable business.

What Is Blogging?

Before we start, let’s make it clear what blogging actually is. Namely, blogging is the process of managing a blog and publishing original content to it.

To define blog, we could say that it’s a type of website focused on written content. A place where you can share your thoughts and ideas. Blog content is often referred to as blog posts. In addition, blogs are usually managed by individuals or a small group of people, known as bloggers.

As a blogger, you’ll be able to share your stories for a particular niche and find people with the same interests as you. This will help you build your audience and make money blogging.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

When you start a blog, customize it, and publish a couple of blog posts, it’s important to find out ways to reach out to your target audience and increase your blog traffic.

Without an audience, you won’t be able to make money blogging. The bigger the audience, the more traffic you’ll receive on your blog, which leads us to blogging to make money.

Here are some of the best ways to increase your blog traffic:

Regularly Publish Blog Posts

You don’t want the audience to forget about you. That’s why you have to regularly publish blog posts and give them something new to read. The best bloggers try to publish something new at least once or twice per week.

It helps if you prepare your posts in advance and use a content calendar so you can always have an idea of something new to publish, even when you don’t have much time.

Engage With Your Readers

Your blog posts will probably receive comments, so don’t forget to reply to all of them. You can give them likes and a short answer. This shows that you care about your audience and appreciate their opinions for your blog posts. After all, you’re writing it for them, right?

Engage With Other Bloggers

Just like it’s important to engage with your readers, it’s equally important to engage with other bloggers too. When you find another blog that you like, you can write positive comments in their posts or reach out to them. You never know, you might find collaboration opportunities.

Be Present On Social Networks

We live in a digital era where everyone is on the Internet and is present on at least one social network so it is important to be present on social networks if you want to increase your blog and make money from it. Whether you like it or not, that’s where your audience is. Discover which social network has your target audience and create an account there. Then, share your blog posts and engage with your followers.

It may be time consuming but it’s a great way to build your audience and expand your reach. Plus, there are awesome tools that can help you manage multiple social platforms and help you schedule your content such as Tailwind and CrowdFire.

Tailwind is great for scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram. They are also great for their Tailwind Communities where you can find other bloggers in the same niche as you and help share each other’s content. Tailwind is what we use at Chasing Niches because we are not on as many social platforms. Sign up for a free trial with Tailwind here.

CrowdFire can help you publish your content for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest so if you have multiple platforms and need help managing them, this tool may be for you. Their free plan can have up to three of your social media accounts linked to them! Sign up for a free account with CrowdFire here.

Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the best ways for increasing blog traffic and gaining more audience. With Email Marketing, you can regularly update your readers about new blog posts and build personal relationships with them.

There are many email marketing platforms where you can register and create email lists. Moreover, if you have a blog with WordPress, the best email marketing platforms have plugins and integration tools to simplify the whole process.

ConvertKit is best for beginner bloggers and small businesses. Constant Contact is recommended for professionals and growing businesses. They are both great options that are free to start, so check them out and find what is best for your needs and budget.

How To Make Money Blogging

When talking about blog monetization, it’s important to know that it takes a lot of work to see growth from your blog.

In addition, you’ll often have to invest your time and money in order to build your audience, after which you’ll start seeing income. Therefore, making money with your blog is not a way to “get rich fast”. It’s a process that requires attention and commitment.

Once you’ve built your audience and written a great number of posts, you are ready to start making money. There are many ways to make money blogging, and here are the best of them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is probably the most popular way to make money blogging. It’s the process of earning a commission by promoting other products from individuals or companies.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to find the product or service you want to promote and add affiliate links to your blog posts linking to that product. Every time someone clicks on your links and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission for the referral.

There is a wide range of affiliate programs and networks where you can join and find products to promote. But keep in mind to promote only products relevant to your niche. Also, remember you have to include a visible disclosure that you might earn a commission for that product.

ShareASale is the affiliate network that we use and they have a wide range of products and services for any niche to choose from.


On-page advertising is the easiest way to make money blogging. If you have a blog with WordPress, you could easily monetize certain areas on your site by displaying ads. Think of your blog as prime real estate and advertisers want to buy!

There are many ad networks where you can register and apply for ads. Once you get approved, you can place a code on your blog and earn money from the ads. Every time someone views or clicks on the ads published on your blog, you’ll earn a commission.

Some of the most popular ad networks include Google AdSense, Mediavine, AdThrive, and more. These pay you for every reader that clicks on the ads, or for the impressions the ads get.

Online Courses

Another great way to make money from your blog is to create and sell online courses. If you’re an expert in some niche, you can create an online course to help others learn more about it. Nowadays, anything can be taught online, so why not try to create your own course?

Creating online courses is such a great way to monetize your blog since you’ll be creating something for which you’re already an expert. Plus, the online course is a digital product, so you won’t have to deal with shipping or other costs!

Some of the most popular platforms for creating online courses include Teachable and Thinkific. They both offer advanced features and different plans to help you collect your knowledge into a course and sell it to your audience.


Creating e-books is similar to creating online courses. You’ll collect your knowledge into a digital book which your readers can purchase at any time.

Producing an e-book is cheap, and sometimes completely free, and then you can sell it for whatever price you like. Remember, always write something that would be useful to your readers.

Listen to your readers first, and then create the best e-book that will meet their requirements.

Sponsored Posts

If you have a strong social media presence, you will be attractive to different brands. Some of them might reach out to you and ask you to promote them. Another reason why being active on social platforms is great!

You can do this through sponsored posts on your social media accounts. You can charge per post or re-post and earn a great amount of money.

We always recommend our readers to accept promoting sponsored posts for things they actually like. Your readers trust you, so you don’t want to lose that. Work hard on building your followers, and then the sponsored posts will come by themselves!

In Conclusion

Blogging to make money takes time and relies on you having enough traffic. The more visitors you have, the more chances there will be for making money.

To make a decent amount of money from your blog, you can try using more of the above-mentioned monetization ways. The process of making money with your blog takes time, but once you start earning, you’ll see that it was all worth it!

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