Tailwind App Review | Is It The Best Pinterest Marketing Tool?

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In the fast-paced, growing world of social media marketing, platforms like Pinterest play prominent roles in expanding your online reach. It is one of the most ideal platforms where bloggers can build their audiences. However, regularly posting on Pinterest could be overwhelming and time consuming, which is why social media scheduler tools such as Tailwind App have come so in handy for scheduling Pins for you.

Many bloggers and small businesses that use Pinterest for marketing saw great potential in this platform. This platform is ideal for you to express yourself and the content from your blog creatively. You can learn more about Pinterest and how to use it for business here.

If you search for the best social media scheduler tools for Pinterest Marketing, you’ll see that Tailwind App is one of the most mentioned. That is because Tailwind is the #1 most popular social media scheduler tool on the market that aims to give you awesome results in much less time, and it’s approved by Pinterest themselves.

What Is Tailwind App?

Tailwind is a social media marketing tool for Pinterest and Instagram. It was first developed as a Pinterest scheduling tool, but it has recently included Instagram in its offerings. Tailwind App is ideal for bloggers, content creators, and online businesses because it helps them to simplify the social media marketing process.

With Tailwind, you can discover relevant content for your blog niche, create a schedule for posting on Pinterest and Instagram, track analytics, and expand your audience, all from a unified dashboard. When it comes to analytics, Tailwind allows you to measure results in real-time so you can adjust your marketing accordingly.

Today, more than 100,000 global brands use Tailwind regularly, which is just one way of determining its reliability and assistance. In addition, many bloggers have claimed that they experienced huge traffic growth to their blogs and freed up their time once they started using the Tailwind App. So, why not try it and see if it does the same for you? You can click here to sign up for FREE, with no credit card required.

Tailwind For Pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest, Tailwind is the ultimate social marketing scheduler tool you can think of. This Pinterest scheduler tool has everything you need to drive traffic and sales from your Pins. On top of that, Tailwind is a Pinterest Marketing Partner which means that it follows all Pinterest standards and keeps your account secure and keeps you in line with their best practices.

I highly recommend that you read their post on Pinterest Best Practices where they answer the most frequently asked questions and will teach you how to always stay in good standing with Pinterest.

With Tailwind for Pinterest, you don’t have to spend time posting Pins on a daily basis. You can sit down once or twice a week, create your Pins and schedule them to Tailwind to publish at the best times every day. You can even schedule some of your Pins months or even a year in advance, which is great if you have seasonal content you want to schedule for future dates. What’s more, the analytics feature of the Tailwind App allows you to keep track of your Pins at any time and see how they perform to help determine your next steps.

How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

If you want to use Tailwind for Pinterest and grow your blog, you probably have a Pinterest account where you already share your Pins. If you don’t have a Pinterest account at the moment, the first thing you have to do is to create an account on Pinterest.

The process of setting up the Tailwind App with Pinterest is simple and easy. Just head to the Tailwind Website and choose ‘Sign Up With Pinterest’. Once you’re in, you can also connect more Pinterest accounts, if you have them, to your Tailwind Dashboard.

Every new Tailwind account starts as a Free Trial, after which you can upgrade to some of the paid plans. You can also downgrade in just a few clicks, should you choose to later.

How To Schedule Pins On Tailwind App

To upload and schedule Pins with the Tailwind App, you can choose to schedule directly from Pinterest, schedule from your website using the Tailwind extension, or upload Pins into your Tailwind account.

Once you’ve found the Pins you want to schedule, go to your Tailwind account and upload your Pins. Then, select the Pins that you want to be scheduled and click the ‘Go Schedule’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You’ll be then taken to a new page where you have to add boards. You can add boards in the input box at the top that will apply your choices to all your selected Pins, or you can add the boards individually at the bottom of each Pin.

Make sure to include a keyword optimized description and check to see if you have input the correct URL. If all looks good, then you’re ready to schedule your Pins!

At the bottom of each Pin there is a clock button that allows you to schedule at intervals which can help you to stay in line with Pinterest best practices and not schedule the same pin too close together and risk being marked as a spammy account.

You can then press the ‘Schedule All’ or ‘Save For Later’ buttons. If you want to keep the Pins in drafts, click ‘Save for Later’. Or if you want to move to the scheduling queue, click ‘Schedule All’. If you decide to schedule your Pins, they will be added to the Scheduled queue in the Tailwind Publisher. There, you can view all of your Pins that are scheduled for each week and edit the date and times, if needed. Pretty easy, right?

Tailwind Browser Extension

There is an easy-to-use Tailwind extension that you can install on your browser, which will help you to add Pins you want from the web and schedule them to be published at a particular date and time. Here is the installation guide for Chrome. If you have Safari or Firefox then there is a link for those as well.

If you download the Tailwind extension, you will see a ‘Schedule’ button when you hover over an image on your site.

The Tailwind browser extension makes scheduling content from your website and other people’s website super easy. You just hover over the image, click the ‘Schedule’ button, and the image that you selected will be sent to your Tailwind drafts. You can edit it right away or hit ‘Save For Later’ to keep it in your drafts.

What Are Tailwind Communities?

Tailwind Communities is probably the most popular and unique feature of using Tailwind for Pinterest. Communities contain different Tailwind groups of like-minded Pinterest users who create content in similar niches and help share each other’s Pins.

You can access Tailwind Communities and join some you find interesting. Browse for Communities by clicking the ‘Find A Community’ button and then put focus keywords depending on the niche you’re looking for.

Before you make a request to join a Community, make sure that you comply with its rules. This often requires you to share another’s content every time you post yours. The point is to actively share the Pins from the community. Once accepted, you can see Pins from other members and share away.

When Community members share each other’s content from the Tailwind Community, they can easily gain access to new audiences, and reciprocate the sharing with other members. If you share other members’ content, they will also share yours. That is why Tailwind Communities is an excellent place for discovering new relevant content and increasing your audience.

Tailwind For Pinterest Features

Tailwind allows you to create beautiful Pins faster than ever and schedule them to be published at the best times so you can grow your audience. Therefore, Tailwind comes with a wide range of features that help you to get the most out of your Pinterest Marketing.

Apart from scheduling, here are the key Tailwind features for Pinterest:

• Tailwind Create – allows you to design quality Pins for more engagement, traffic and conversions.

• Tailwind Analytics – allows you to check which of your Pins are driving traffic to your content and instantly spot the most clicked and saved Pins.

 Tailwind SmartGuide – alerts you if it spots risky behavior that could harm your reach and provides you with recommendations to maintain a healthy queue.

• Content Management – allows you to upload all your content at once and save images from any website.

• Mobile App – Tailwind has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Both apps are completely reliable and functional, and they come with all the above-mentioned features and services.

Tailwind App Pricing

As we’ve mentioned above, Tailwind offers a free trial for all new users. In addition, the Tailwind Pricing Plans are affordable and available in monthly and annual versions. Make sure to check out their website and find which is the best plan for you and your needs.

In Conclusion

As you can see from our Tailwind App Review, this social media scheduler tool is incredibly beneficial for bloggers who work with Pinterest Marketing. It’s a great solution that saves you a lot of time so that you can work smarter and spend more time creating more website content.

Tailwind provides you with real-time, accurate results to help you know which of your posts perform well and which ones need further improvement. This scheduler has many built-in features such as the Tailwind Communities, which offer a huge value to your content and help you increase your audience. We rate it as the best Pinterest scheduling tool because of its capabilities and the fact that it is approved by Pinterest themselves.

If you’re serious about your Pinterest Marketing, you should consider using the Tailwind App. You can start with a free plan, no credit card required, and see how it works for your needs!

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