Top Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers To Make Money

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If you are a blogger, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic and generate revenue on your blog. Regardless of what your blog’s niche is, you can join an affiliate marketing program or network and earn extra money from the comfort of your own home. But, what is affiliate marketing, how does it work, and how do you even start? Below you’ll learn more about this popular way of digital marketing that is everywhere around us. In addition, you’ll find a wide range of top affiliate marketing programs for bloggers that pay much more than the popular Amazon, where you can join today and start earning money on your blog.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process where you promote other people’s or a company’s products or services and earn a commission for them (such as with Amazon or Target’s affiliate program). Your job is to find an affiliate marketing program to join, find the products or services that target the audience in your niche, generate affiliate links and promote them on your blog. Every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission for that product.

Affiliate Marketing is considered the best option for bloggers to earn money. There’s nothing better than making money from home, even while you sleep, and affiliate marketing makes that possible. So, if you own a blog and have an audience that trusts you and is interested in what you share, do not hesitate and start with affiliate marketing today! It’s one of the best ways for bloggers to make money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing Programs vs Affiliate Networks

To start with affiliate marketing, you have to find a relevant affiliate marketing program where you’ll join and find products to promote to your target audience. But, before I share the top affiliate marketing programs for bloggers with you, I need to explain the difference between an affiliate marketing program and an affiliate network.

An Affiliate Network can be explained as a digital marketplace that brings together various merchants (people who own the products or services) and the marketers (people who promote them). An affiliate network acts as a middleman for the merchants and the marketers and allows for communication all under the same platform. You can find a wide range (thousands!) of affiliate programs to promote from a single affiliate network, sign up to them, and keep track of them all from one place.

On the other hand, there are Affiliate Marketing Programs that are not a part of any network. They work on the same premises as affiliate networks, but they are created and managed by the merchants themselves. You would have to go directly to the merchant’s site, such as Amazon, to find their affiliate programs and you would have access only to their program’s products.

The Top Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers

And now, we’ve come to the best part – the top affiliate marketing programs for bloggers! Brace yourselves as this list is long. I’ve tried to include different programs to suit every blogger’s needs so you can all learn how to start affiliate marketing today.

Make sure to read to the very end where I’ve included a BONUS affiliate program with HIGH PAYOUT potential that ANYBODY can join and start making money.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Is there a better affiliate marketing program than Amazon to start our list with? If you search for the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, chances are huge for Amazon to appear in the top 5. But is the Amazon affiliate program that great for monetization?

Without doubts, the Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the most popular programs in the world. Everyone knows and trusts Amazon, so if you join its affiliate program, you will have huge opportunities to make sales. Amazon is a platform where you can find every kind of product you can imagine and help sell through their affiliate program.

Therefore, no matter what your blog’s niche is, you are sure to find a product that suits you. But, please note that Amazon is not the only popular affiliate marketing program out there, and while it offers the biggest selection of products for any target audience, it doesn’t always offer big commissions.

URL: Amazon Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to 10%
Cookie: 24 hours

Ebay Affiliate Marketing Program

Ebay is another popular marketplace we are all familiar with. So, it’s not a surprise that it has an affiliate marketing program.

On Ebay, you’ll find products for anything you need, plus they can be far cheaper. But, please note that most of the products on eBay are purchased via auction, so cookies are typically only active for one day.

URL: Ebay Partner Network
Commission: Up to 70% of auction fees
Cookie: 1 day

Target Affiliate Marketing Program

The Target Affiliate Program is a great alternative if you’re looking to replace Amazon Associates. Target operates in the USA, so you need to have US based traffic on your blog to make sales with their affiliate program.

One of the best things about Target is that it rewards affiliate marketers of their program for sales volume. Once you get accepted to the Target affiliate program, you will get access to products from different niches and can use their banners for special promotions. Target’s affiliate program has low commission rates and a cookie duration of only one week.

URL: Target Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to 8%
Cookie: 7 days

Etsy Affiliate Marketing Program

Etsy started as a platform where people sell and buy vintage and handmade products. But the platform has grown and now offers a wider selection of products, including digital products, and has an affiliate marketing program for people to join and promote them.

It’s like Amazon but with more small business owners you can help support. If you don’t make your own products, just sell other people’s products and earn a commission for it. It’s great for any niche!

URL: Etsy Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to 8%
Cookie: 30 days

Best Affiliate Networks

Now, let’s move to the best affiliate networks where you can find thousands of products for any niche you work in. These affiliate networks below are pretty easy to join and makes finding and signing up to the best programs so simple. I love signing up through affiliate networks because you can find all your affiliate links, banners, and promotions all in one place without having to sign in to different sites and dashboards.


ShareASale is a well-known and established affiliate network where you’ll find a variety of products and services to grow your income with affiliate marketing.

More than 4,000 merchants use ShareASale as their affiliate network of choice, so it’s the perfect place for you to start marketing. The network is easy to use and has various features to help you find the best affiliate marketing program for you. It’s one of my favorite and top earning networks!

URL: ShareASale Affiliates
Commission: Up to 20%
Cookie: Depends on the merchant you sign up with (Up to 12 months)

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks. It specializes in pay-for-performance programs and has over 3,000 merchants to sign up with. The network offers real-time reporting and a special certified program for the best affiliate marketers.

URL: CJ Affiliate Affiliates
Commission: Up to 33%
Cookie: 120 days


ClickBank is another affiliate network that has been on the market for two decades. It’s different from the others because it focuses on digital products. There are some physical products to promote as well, but the main focus is on the digital.

URL: ClickBank Affiliates
Commission: Up to 90%
Cookie: 60 days


The Impact Affiliate Network offers a large number of affiliate programs, so you will likely find options for you to make money on your blog. To start with Impact, you need to have a website and high-quality content and enough traffic.

URL: Impact Affiliates
Commission: Up to 30%
Cookie: 30 days


Partnerize is the leader in partnership automation that connects you with the world’s leading brands. It has a worldwide reach across over 200 countries and supports more than 50 different currencies.

URL: Partnerize Affiliates
Commission: Up to 30%
Cookie: Depends on the merchant you sign up with


Awin is a global affiliate network that aims to connect advertisers and affiliates of all sizes. With Awin, marketers get the opportunity to promote products from top brands and gain trust from a wide range of audiences.

URL: AWIN Affiliates
Commission: Depends on the merchant you sign up with
Cookie: Depends on the merchant you sign up with

Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Programs

If it’s relevant to your blog, you can promote web hosting platforms through their affiliate marketing programs and help others find their ideal hosting provider.


BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosting platforms which powers millions of sites worldwide. It is probably the most recommended web hosting site, especially for new bloggers. BlueHost has high rated reviews, integrated webmail, offers a free domain, 24/7 customer support, and so much more! It is also super affordable and has an easy-to-use interface.

URL: BlueHost Affiliates
Commission: $65 per sale
Cookie: 60 days


SiteGround is another top-notch web hosting platform that delivers fast and secure hosting and gives users a full solution for website building. They have the absolute best customer service, fastest speeds, high rated security systems, and backups your site every 24 hours! Their affiliate program is pretty generous with commissions and has a 2 month cookie duration.

URL: SiteGround Affiliates
Commission: $50-$100 per sale
Cookie: 60 days


DreamHost is an established and highly rated web hosting company with more than two decades of experience. It provides WordPress hosting, 24/7 support, and a website builder. DreamHost also offers many other awesome features such as webmail, top-notch security, 100% uptime guarantee, easy login and linking to WordPress, and super affordable pricing plans. The platform has an affiliate program with relevant solutions and fast payouts. You can make up to $250 per sale with DreamHost affiliates! It has amazing potential to increase your blog’s revenue. The signup is easy and you typically get approved right away.

URL: DreamHost Affiliates
Commission: Up to $250 per sale
Cookie: 60 days

WP Engine

WP Engine is a high-quality WordPress-managed hosting platform that delivers real-time threat detection, daily backups, a high level of security, and other excellent features. They have a lot of options for you to promote to your audience. StudioPress Themes and Genesis Pro Framework are all part of WP Engine and are some of the highest rated in the industry. Signing up for this affiliate program would allow you to promote them as well. They have a high commission per sale with cookies that last 6 months!

URL: WP Engine Affiliate Program
Commission: $200 per sale
Cookie: 180 days


InMotion Hosting delivers fast, reliable, and affordable hosting for Unix and Linux operating systems with claims of 20x faster hosting, DDoS protection and a 99.99% network uptime. That is pretty amazing btw! Especially for business websites who need the fast reliable speeds and protection. InMotion’s affiliate program is super simple to join and allows you to earn pretty great commissions for each sale. It is definitely a great hosting provider to recommend to your audience.

URL: InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to $120 per sale
Cookie: 90 days

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of email marketing platforms that offer affiliate programs to help you earn money on your blog. Here are the best of them:


ConvertKit is one of the most popular email marketing platforms for bloggers and is used in all kinds of websites and niches. It allows you to send emails to your subscribers and keep them up to date on your blog and send them special offers. You can join its affiliate program even if you’re not a customer.

URL: ConvertKit Affiliate Program
Commission: $30
Cookie: 60 days


MailChimp is the leading email marketing platform all over the world. The company doesn’t offer an affiliate program where you can earn commission on sales, but it has a program that lets you earn MailChimp credits. It’s called the Monkey Rewards Program. You can generate an affiliate link for the Monkey Rewards and add it to your emails or blog.

URL: MailChimp Rewards Program

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another popular email marketing platform that offers a wide range of features and services to help you in your email marketing journey. I usually recommend this platform for more established online business owners. It is a little pricier than other email service providers but their users love them for their professional look and features. Its affiliate program pays a commission for referrals even if they only sign up for a free trial. They also pay a hefty $105 commission if they sign up for a paid account and their cookie lasts for 120 days! Constant Contact can be a very profitable affiliate to partner with, so give it a try.

URL: Constant Contact Affiliate Program
Commission: $5 for free trials, $105 for paid accounts
Cookie: 120 days


And last but not least is MailerLite, an excellent solution for all types of businesses. Like the others above, MailerLite is an email marketing platform that focuses on simplicity and user-friendliness. MailerLite allows you to build email campaigns, landing pages, automations, and even pop-ups to engage with your readers. Its affiliate program has commissions of 30% and the cookie lasts a month. They allow you to withdraw commissions you have made once you hit a $50 threshold.

URL: MailerLite Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 30 days

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Landing Pages

These are the most popular affiliate marketing programs for creating landing pages. They are easy to market for anyone in the online world of business and blogging. You can have the potential to generate a good amount of income promoting these products and services. They’re worth checking out so be sure to check out their homepages and see what they offer.


LeadPages is the perfect option for those who don’t know anything about coding. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder which allows you to create professional web pages within minutes. They have a pretty good affiliate program with a 30% commission.

URL: LeadPages Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 30 days


ClickFunnels is a platform for more advanced affiliate marketers. It allows you to build landing pages from scratch and connect them into a funnel. Their affiliate program is generous and the top earning affiliates are even rewarded with their “dream cars”!

URL: ClickFunnels Affiliates
Commission: 40%
Cookie: 45 days


InstaPage is one of the most customizable landing page builders that helps you create beautiful pages for your marketing campaigns. It is the perfect tool for digital advertisers who are looking to convert sales. It even has awesome features such as A/B testing so you can always find what works the best for your business. Their affiliate program has generous commission rates and a long cookie duration.

URL: InstaPage Affiliate Program
Commission: 50% in the first year, then $30
Cookie: 120 days

WordPress Themes Affiliate Marketing Programs

If your blog relates to anything blogging, such as helping others start a blog with WordPress, you could promote some of the best WordPress themes to your readers. Or maybe you help build sites for clients, you could recommend the best themes to use and give them your affiliate link. It is such a great way to make money in many niches by providing others a solution to what they’re looking for. Here are some of the best WordPress themes affiliate programs for you to join:

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has much more than beautiful themes, they have amazing plugins as well. The one that I am familiar with the most, because I’ve actually used it on one of my niche sites, is the Divi Theme that comes with a very powerful and easy-to-use Divi Builder. It makes the creation process for your site fun and simple to do. With the Elegant Themes affiliate program, you’ll be able to promote all of their different products and get a wide range of affiliate links and banners to place on your blog. They have a high commission rate of 50% and a 6 month cookie duration!

URL: Elegant Themes Affiliate Program
Commission: 50%
Cookie: 180 days


WPZOOM is another one of the most used WordPress themes among bloggers and they have a huge selection of themes to choose from. I have used their Foodica and Cookely themes for food blogs. And also, the current theme for Chasing Niches is their Balance Theme. They can all be easily customized to your liking! You can earn money as a WPZOOM affiliate and help others buy and upload their beautiful themes on their sites.

URL: WPZOOM Affiliates
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 60 days


StudioPress, which is a part of WP Engine, has extremely professional and beautiful WordPress themes. It is used by millions of bloggers worldwide and is probably one of the most high quality themes you can get on the market. Signing up to WP Engine will allow you to sign up for StudioPress along with Genesis Pro. Promote the best of the best!

URL: WP Engine Affiliate Program
Commission: 35%
Cookie: 60 days

Genesis Pro Framework

The Genesis Framework, which is also a part of the WP Engine affiliate program, is one of the best-selling frameworks for themes. It comes with many powerful built in features that allows you to build your website, get the most out of SEO, and focuses on better performance. This is great to promote to those who are building businesses and want a higher quality website. You can apply to the WP Engine affiliate program and start making money promoting Genesis Pro and StudioPress Themes! When you apply to one, you can promote them all.

URL: WP Engine Affiliate Program
Commission: 35%
Cookie: 60 days


ThemeIsle is another awesome theme marketplace that has beautiful functional and mobile-responsive themes. Their themes are all well-built and and highly professional, perfect for all businesses. You can find one to suit just about any kind of niche you’re in. They feature over 20 reliable WordPress themes (and they also have plugins!) that you can promote through its affiliate program. In their affiliate dashboard, you’ll receive all standard creatives like banners and email templates to get the most out of your affiliate marketing. They have a super high commission rate of 55% and their cookie last a full year!

URL: ThemeIsle Affiliate Program
Commission: 55%
Cookie: 1 year

Envato Elements

The Envato Market affiliate program consists of many different programs you can promote. Some of what they offer are over 52 million photos, thousands of presentation templates and graphic templates, videos, audio, fonts, and more with unlimited downloads. You can sign up as an affiliate to as many of their programs as you want, such as the EnvatoElements, PlaceIt by Envato, and the Envato Marketplace.

URL: Envato Affiliates
Commission: Depends on the program
Cookie: 30 days

MOJO Themes

And the last WordPress theme I’ll be sharing with you is MOJO. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you might have heard about it. It’s actually not a single theme but an entire marketplace full of themes. With the MOJO Marketplace, bloggers can find beautiful high quality and mobile-responsive themes and plugins for their sites. Their cookie duration is 3 months!

URL: MOJO Themes Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 90 days

WordPress Plugins Affiliate Marketing Programs

Like the themes, WordPress has various plugins that you can integrate into your blog to help it look better and be more functional. As a result, the most popular WordPress plugins launched affiliate programs to help you earn money on your blog. Here are the best WordPress Affiliate Plugins.

Beaver Builder

One of the most popular WordPress plugins for building web pages is Beaver Builder. It awesome and works in real-time on the front end of your page so you can drag-and-drop certain elements and immediately see your design. It works seamlessly with many different themes and is super customizable. It also comes with many different layouts and templates to choose from. Now, you can promote this popular plugin and earn a 25% commission for it. It is a great tool to recommend to your readers who want to design their perfect site but don’t know how to “code”.

URL: Beaver Builder Affiliates
Commission: 25%
Cookie: 60 days


Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress plugin, used by thousands of bloggers and theme creators, myself included. They have such an awesome page builder and makes website creation so easy. It’s an all-in-one solution that controls all aspects of your site’s design and is compatible with just about any theme. What’s more, the Elementor Affiliate Program is a great way to generate revenue as it offers a 50% commission with a month long cookie.

URL: Elementor Affiliate Program
Commission: 50%
Cookie: 30 days

Thirsty Affiliates

If you’re looking for a powerful WordPress plugin to manage your affiliates, Thirsty Affiliates is a great option. It uses categories to organize your affiliate links and helps you get the most out of your campaigns. If you have multiple programs that you’re promoting, it’s nice to have all your links and information in one place. Their affiliate program is not always open, so you have to check back often in order to join.

URL: Thirsty Affiliates
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 15 days

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that adds a responsive author box at the end of your posts. It is the plugin that I use for all of my sites and you can scroll down and see my Simple Author Box below. This plugin allows you to display the author’s name, image, description, and social media accounts, along with a link to a website. It allows you to easily add Guest Authors and Contributors without giving them an actual account which is awesome if you work with many freelance writers on your blog. It makes working with other writers and giving credit that much easier. Their affiliate program also offers a generous commission and a month long cookie.

URL: Simple Author Box Affiliate Program
Commission: 40%
Cookie: 30 days

WP Developer

WP Developer has amazing plugins that you can promote on your blog. One of my favorites is the Essential Addons for Elementor plugin. They also have an Essential Blocks for Gutenberg plugin if that’s the page builder you use. Essential Addons has allowed me to design blog pages on my site exactly how I wanted them to be. A lot of my links in the menu bar lead to “blog pages” that I have created with this plugin. Every step of creation was super easy and customizable. Check them out and join their affiliate program!

URL: WP Developer Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to 30%
Cookie: 45 days

WPZOOM plugins

WPZOOM is not just the place to get popular WordPress themes, they have multiple plugins that you can purchase and promote as well. The two that I use for my sites are the Recipe Cards PRO plugin for my food blog and the Social Icons Widget for all sites. It’s a very reputable brand with various quality plugins to help you design the site of your dreams. I personally use WPZOOM themes and plugins for my sites and can back it 100%. Their affiliate program has a pretty good commission rate with a 2 month cookie!

URL: WPZOOM Affiliates
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 60 days


MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress site. It makes it simple to keep track of the traffic on your blog so you’ll know how to target your affiliate marketing campaigns better. They have a free and pro version. I personally use their pro plugin and am able to connect it to up to 5 sites! It is a super useful plugin and helps me to keep track of my traffic growth by showing me my best pages and also the pages that need more work. This plugin is pretty easy to promote to bloggers and other business owners. Sign up!

URL: MonsterInsights Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 30 days


WPForms is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to build smarter forms and surveys for your blog. Check out their features and addons to see if it’s something you or your readers would love. With WPForms, you can create contact forms, payment forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, and much more, using 100s of templates. It’s pretty easy to promote with their affiliate program!

URL: WPForms Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 60 days


OptinMonster is a great plugin to help you grow your email list, get more leads, and increase sales. You can participate in its affiliate program to promote this plugin to your readers and earn a commission for it. They have a cookie that lasts a full year!

URL: OptinMonster Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 365 days

Photo Editing Tools Affiliate Marketing Programs

Do you write about photography, editing and shooting photos on your blog? If your answer is yes, then joining affiliate programs for photo editing tools is a great way for you to earn extra money. We found the best photo editing tools with affiliate marketing programs to join:


Canva is a graphic design platform that helps you create presentations, logos, social media images, posters with various sizes, and much more. It’s one of the most used photo editing tools among bloggers. I use it for all of my blogs! Canva Pro’s affiliate program pays up to $36 per subscriber.

URL: Canva Affiliate Program
Commission: up to $36 for each new Canva Pro subscriber
Cookie: 30 days

Adobe Creative Cloud/Photoshop

We can all agree that there isn’t a better photo editing tool on the market than Adobe. Adobe’s products, such as Photoshop and Lightroom, are used by professional photographers worldwide. And the best thing is that Adobe will pay you up to $72 per sale if you recommend its services to your readers.

URL: Adobe Affiliate Program
Commission: Up to $72 or 85% of first month’s subscription to ‘Creative Cloud’
Cookie: 30 days


PicMonkey, like Canva, is a great photo editing tool that allows you to create different images for all kinds of purposes. I love it for creating pins on Pinterest as it has a very user-friendly dashboard. The PicMonkey Affiliate Program is available via ShareASale and has a great commission rate for marketers.

URL: PicMonkey Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 30 days


Stencil is another user-friendly photo editing tool for bloggers, business owners and social media marketers. With Stencil, you can design anything from social media graphics to blog headers, ads, and much more. They have a decent commission rate with a cookie that lasts 2 months! You can try them for free by clicking the blue button below.

URL: Stencil Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 60 days

Social Media Management Affiliate Marketing Programs

Today, half of the world’s population is on some type of social media. As a result, there are various tools for social media management that businesses use to effectively manage their social media content. If it’s relevant to your blog, you can promote some of the best social media management tools through one of their affiliate programs.


Tailwind is the #1 approved Pinterest and Instagram scheduler and analytics tool. It gets real results in a short time and helps you grow your business on these social networks. It also abides by Pinterest’s guidelines and will warn you if you show any type of “spammy” behavior that can get your account banned. Tailwind keeps you in line and optimizes your growth. If your readers are interested in social media management tools, you can recommend Tailwind to them and earn money from their purchases.

URL: Tailwind Affiliate Program
Commission: 15%
Cookie: 90 days


CrowdFire is another great social media management tool that you can promote to your readers. They help you schedule content, discover new content, curate new content, and analyze the results with its analytics feature. CrowdFire allows you to do all that and more, all from a single platform. It makes managing multiple social media accounts that much easier and takes the headache away of being a content creator. CrowdFire is also used by over 19+ millions of marketers, which shows you proof of its reliability.

URL: CrowdFire Affiliate Program
Commission: 35% in the first year, up to $420 per customer
Cookie: 90 days


SocialPilot is a comprehensive social marketing tool that helps bloggers, professionals, and business owners automate their social media management. SocialPilot helps you in every step, from publishing posts to analyzing its performance to growing your traffic. This is another great social marketing tool with a great affiliate program.

URL: SocialPilot Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 60 days


SocialOomph is another popular social media management platform that helps you to schedule your posts on various social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. It helps you to monitor your activity, manage your content, track your conversions, filter keywords, among other things. Their program offers a high commission rate with a month long cookie.

URL: SocialOomph Affiliate Program
Commission: 40%
Cookie: 30 days

E-commerce Affiliate Marketing Programs

E-commerce is a popular activity these days, which allows the buying and selling of goods and services online. There are plenty of e-commerce shops on the internet where you can join and promote via their affiliate programs. Here are the best e-commerce platforms for affiliate marketing.


Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform that hosts your online store. It helps you customize your store with different themes and templates and includes payment processing so you can easily receive payments for the products you sell.

URL: Shopify Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 30 days


SendOwl is an awesome and super useful e-commerce tool that allows you to sell digital products and handle subscription plans and memberships online. It connects you with the payment provider and automatically delivers the digital files to your buyers. It makes selling digital products and handling subscriptions run smoothly. It’s a great tool that you can easily promote to those with an online business.

URL: SendOwl Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 30 days

Online Course Creation Affiliate Marketing Programs

Online learning is in high demand. It allows you to teach or learn any subject you want from the comfort of your own home. This led to launching various online course creation platforms to sign up and create your online course easily. If you want to recommend the best online course platforms for the readers on your blog, you can generate affiliate links to make sales. Here are the best affiliate marketing programs for online learning/courses.


Teachable is one of the most popular online course creation platforms worldwide. It’s a user-friendly platform where you can easily sign up and create your course. The platform provides plenty of resources, tutorials and learning materials to help you create your ideal online course and even allows you to start your own affiliate program for it. This a great program to join because their commissions are good and the cookies last 3 months!

URL: Teachable Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 90 days


Another well-known platform for creating online courses is Thinkific. It allows you to create, sell and advertise your online courses with ease. You can even create a membership site with them and get monthly recurring payments from your subscribers. The platform also has an option to create your own affiliate program and make money from your students as your advertisers. They of course also have their own affiliate program for the platform with a 20% commission and 3 month cookie.

URL: Thinkific Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 90 days


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for you to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns and design the perfect websites. With its affiliate program, you can promote Kajabi to your readers and help them create online courses and high quality websites all in one place.

URL: Kajabi Affiliate Program
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 90 days

Stock Photos Affiliate Marketing Programs

Stock photos are photos that are already shot, edited, and ready to be used on blog sites and social networks. They are free to use and can be found at many sites. Here are the best platforms for stock photos where you can join and promote them through their affiliate programs.


IvoryMix is a platform that gives you instant access of over 500 free stock photos, which can be used on various blogs and websites. (Get the FREE collection here!) They also offer a VIP Membership where you get 100s of members only photos sent to you every month, along with social marketing templates and workshops to grow and brand your business. You can be an affiliate marketer for IvoryMix and help your readers find the best stock photos and marketing tools online.

URL: IvoryMix Affiliate Program
Commission: 25%
Cookie: 30 days


ShutterStock is a world leading provider of high-quality stock photos, illustrations, videos and music. As a content creator, this stock photo platform can provide beautiful images and videos to help you create better content for your brand. As a ShutterStock affiliate marketer, you will gain a lot of benefits and earn a great amount of money on your blog.

URL: ShutterStock Affiliate Program
Commission: 20%
Cookie: 30 days

Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos is a commercial platform that brings together authors of high quality royalty-free stock photos, graphics, videos, and audio with buyers. It is great for bloggers and business owners because they have a wide selection that you can use on your blog, royalty-free! The Deposit Photos affiliate program is also pretty generous and includes a recurring commission of up to 15% each user. They also have a sweet cookie duration of half a year!

URL: Deposit Photos Affiliate Program
Commission: 40% for first-time purchase, plus a recurring commission of up to 15% for each user
Cookie: 6 months

*Bonus High Paying Affiliate Program*

This bonus affiliate program is one of the most profitable programs I am a part of and you can be a part of it too. & you don’t even have to purchase any of the products! (But I highly recommend you do!)

Amira’s Legal Bundles affiliate program is profitable for ANY niche.. because well, EVERY website needs LEGAL PAGES. She provides legal templates for blog owners to use on their website to comply with the law. These templates are legit and much more affordable and convenient than hiring a lawyer to do it all for you. They often charge by the hour and those fees will begin to pile up. And if you don’t protect yourself, you may get a lawsuit and risk being shut down with all your hard work going to waste.

Amira, herself, is a lawyer and a blogger so she knows exactly what is needed to protect a blog and online business. She makes protecting your blog and complying with the law super easy. She also REALLY takes care of her affiliates and is super generous with her payouts. She also gives them many free online resources to help them convert sales and offers an online facebook community to help you along the way.

I have purchased her Starter Legal Bundle to protect all of my blogs legally and they were all simple to apply and use. It is absolutely illegal to copy and paste a legal page from another website and that does not guarantee that your blog will even be covered. If your site isn’t protected yet, I highly recommend taking a look into her legal bundles to protect your site the right way.

Amira’s Legal Bundles affiliate program pays a 40% commission on any of her templates. If you sell her VIP Bundle, you can easily make $200! And you don’t even have to purchase any of her products to become an affiliate! Anybody with a website would be willing to purchase these bundles, so whatever niche you’re in.. sign up and start promoting!

In Conclusion

And there you have it! The Top Affiliate Marketing Programs (and networks!) For Bloggers. As you can see, there are so many different kinds of affiliate programs to make money from besides Amazon. While the Amazon affiliate program does have its benefits with the wide range of products it offers for any niche, there are plenty of other networks and companies that offer much higher commission rates.

If you have been one of the many people who were kicked out of the Amazon affiliates program, I hope you found many alternatives here! The opportunities are endless!

I hope this long list has helped you all to find the best affiliate marketing networks and programs for you so that you can start earning money and taking the necessary steps to earn passive income on your blog today.

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5 months ago

Perfect! Just what I needed. Thanks so much

5 months ago

Thank you for this easy to read detailed information on the different programs available!